Thulsa Doom on Personal Transformation

He’s for personal transformation, but it’s a bitch.

What’s harder to change, habits, traits, or convictions?

Let’s start with some definitions;

Habit – a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.

Trait -a distinguishing quality or characteristic, typically one belonging to a person.

Conviction – a firmly held belief or opinion.

I think before I even get into the above mentioned question, I have to take time and try to see if it is even possible to separate out my personal growth from the growth of my personal fortune.

This has happened before. A post starts out one way and later evolves into something else. At first I thought I would literally try to answer the above question about habits, traits, and convictions. I can feel the post trying to squirm away from me and trod off in a different direction.

Money Equals Freedom

My wife and I say it to each other every six months or so. There is so much you take for granted when you are no longer worried about money. An example; when was the last time you got gas for the car using a set amount of money instead of just filling up the tank?

Removing money from the equation of things you are constantly fretting over frees you up to live your life, enjoy other people, and pay attention to a wider spectrum of things going on in your own space.

Perhaps it is attributable to the wisdom that comes with getting older, but I have seen too many of my contemporaries unable to adjust,  or even learn new tricks.

When money is a problem, it is an all consuming problem.

You can’t see past the forest because of all the trees.

Once the money monster becomes a thing to be tamed, mastered, and even exploited, then there is the opening up of an inner space, some breathing room, to see what else needs tending.

I think it is always hard to articulate a negative. I am not saying that money makes you happier, but not worrying/chasing money makes you able to realize what has been stopping you from being happy.

It ultimately comes back to affirming that FIRE consciousness is a giant positive key to unlocking a better life.

I am not done yet with this new found personal growth, I am still stuck in the latter half of the money dilemma. By that I mean I may have stopped worrying about having enough, but now I am always chasing more.

Pretty sure the Buddha said it first, but Peace comes when you Realize you have Enough.

Can’t wait to see what epiphanies come along with FU money, maybe my hair will grow back?

You can never go home. Life changes us, we are all here because of our past. Our financial life is part of us because of the choices we make. How and Why we make those choices are part of the complicated back story that makes us US. I don’t write much in detail about my darker days, but I did solicit a GUEST POST from one of my favorite bloggers because his stories make me nostalgic for a shared past.



9 thoughts on “Thulsa Doom on Personal Transformation

  1. For us, the realization that we were saving enough money to give us options (move across the country, buy a house, etc) was huge. Suddenly, all the hard work and penny pinching seemed so worth it… we no longer felt boxed in and had options!

    We are far from FI, but saving affords us options and the ability to rest a bit easier knowing we aren’t tied to certain jobs or aspects of life.

    • Setting money goals and achieving them frees you up to move in new directions. It is a liberating evolution.

  2. Love the gas station example. It has been a long time, since I even considered putting 5$ worth of gas in the car. I have been filling it up for 20 years now.
    Specific examples like that help us remember where we came from, and help us empathize with the situation many people face now.
    I never pictured you as bald, until now.

  3. I don’t worry about the cost of gas, electricity, groceries etc anymore. Everything is on autopilot. Sure I keep my eye on it to make sure something doesn’t get out of line but I don’t sweat it like I used to. Its not necessarily that Im making more $$, but its that I took charge, became intentional where it goes, got on a written budget blah blah blah… I empathize/sympathize with people I know who still struggle with the issues at hand. A lot of it is their own mistakes, lack of attention and so forth. (and you can only help so much). But until a person owns up to it, takes the necessary steps, their situation will never change.
    On a side note, Thulsa Doom had a skull face and not a serpent. Although Jones adds some well needed acting to the movie. If you want some real trivia, who played Dagoth in Conan the Destroyer? None other than Andre the Giant.

    • In talking it over with my wife, I think the reason The Destroyer is so inferior to The Barbarian is the female lead. A useless princess vs. Valera, no contest.

  4. Ah, taming the money beast is not necessarily a play in one act. Because if you chase more money hard enough, you may again experience the pleasure of fretting over not having enough money.

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