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I have always felt that Travel is essential to a healthy mind and a well rounded life.

Once you get bit by the travel bug, you are hooked for life.

I plan on cataloging some of my more noteworthy adventures here in this travel log.

I will update it from time to time instead of doing separate posts because I am supposed to be writing a Personal Net Worth Blog and not a Travel Blog.

So in order to stay focused, I will just have this as a side note for those who are interested.

And Yes, that is none other than Uncle Traveling Matt from Fraggle Rock.

One of the reasons I married my wife is that she too loved history enough to spend law schools loans on traveling.

Kids really put a damper on our early run of overseas trips (notice gap from 2005-2015), but now they are the right ages. We just recently got their passports in order, so look out world.

One of the reasons I joined the Navy was to get to ‘see the world’.

DestinationWhat YearDomestic or Abroad
Tijuana, Mexico1994Abroad - North America
Panama City, Panama1994Abroad - Central America
San Juan, Puerto Rico1994Abroad - Carribean
Rome, Italy1999Abroad - Europe
Paris, France2000Abroad - Europe
Yellowstone National Park2001Domestic, Montana and South Dakota
Phoenix/Grand Canyon, Sedona2002Domestic, Arizona, Utah
New Orleans, Louisiana2005Domestic, Louisiana
Sleeping Bear Dunes & Crystal Lake Michigan2008Domestic, Michigan
Tuscon - Back to Arizona2013Domestic, Arizona
Antigua, Guatemala2015Abroad - Central America
Disney World, Florida2015Domestic, Florida
Sault Ste. Marie, Canada & Michigan, Upper Peninsula2016Domestic, Michigan
Abroad, Canada
Panama City, Florida2018Domestic, Florida
Viva Las Vegas/Hoover Dam/Grand Canyon2019Domestic, Nevada/Arizona
Return to the Upper Peninsula2019More to be done in the U.P.
Montego Bay, Jamaica2019Abroad - Caribbean
California, LA to San Francisco 2020Cancelled by Covid19
Gatlinburg, TN2021Spring Break in the Great Smoky Mountains

I am always adding to my Instagram account. There are plenty of images from these various trips. If you want to see more images rather than just read about them in my Travel Log.

In our quests to hoard away enough money to be FIRE’d, I have often asked where and when it is OK to spend money. TRAVEL is surely one of those exceptions.

Experiences are the moments in life that we remember. They allow for personal growth. They are worth trading money for.

One thought on “Travel Log

  1. In reply to Tom from Dividends Diversify.
    That is such a cool idea, I am going to add it to my post about being ‘List Happy‘, I will credit your wife.

    Tom from Dividends Diversify

    It’s a nice way to document and remember your trips and travels. My wife keeps a binder with notes for us. We frequently look back on it. Tom

    In reply to Lily @ The Frugal Gene.
    So I just wrote the Disney piece, I will bump up my timetable and post it in the next couple of weeks.

    In reply to Lily @ The Frugal Gene.
    You will just have to wait for the post…But we did it over the course of a week, staying on site and it was AWESOME.

    Lily @ The Frugal Gene

    How was Disney World with the kids? Did you guys stay long? How long does it take to experience all the parks? Can you stay there a year? Did you stay there a year? How much does it cost if you stayed there a year? Am I asking too many questions?!


    I am not too fond of travelling any more. May be it will get way better with my son growing older.

    Looking forward to these posts.


    Ah, the young-child-travel-gap…I’m familiar with that. Before I had kids, I said that I would just put them in a Baby Bjorn and travel freely as always. Then I had kids. Ha! Oh well…it’s all good, I’m back to travelling as well. Enjoy your adventures!


    I do a lot of travelling – it is so good for you to have new experiences, to see a different culture, to communicate in a different language and take time to understand different worlds.

    So keep on travelling, and I think any money blog has room for some wider experiences too!


    Looking forward to this section! I love that history is a major reason you guys are into it, too. Because same here.

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