Whistling In The Dark

If you say that someone is whistling in the dark, you mean that they are trying to remain brave and convince themselves that the situation is not as bad as it seems.

What are you afraid of?

Whether you are worried about income deficiency, financial distress or investment peril, the method to overcome or at least withstand the immediate danger is probably based off of the same principles.

I think there are basically 3 different scenarios when confronting a problem;

1. When you do not know enough information to make an effective plan.

2. When you need to effectively carry out the plan you were able to make. 

3. When you need to act quickly to resolve the conflict.

Let’s Take a look at what I mean;

(Scenario #1)R J MacReady is afraid of the things he does not understand. His raw courage may save him from the more mundane dangers we encounter in this world, but what about the unknown? How do you confront something you can’t even comprehend.

Remedy; Knowledge is Power. There is no topic that can’t be tackled with proper research. When you understand a Thing, it has less power over you. The sum of all human knowledge is an internet search away. All the sudden Derivatives or Crypto Currency seems less intimidating. Aliens become far less alien. This category may even end up be useful to you, but until you understand them, they are dangerous.

The internet communities surrounding personal finance are in general very helpful and pretty knowledgeable. Ask a question, you will get an answer and the aggregate answer is probably correct. I especially like Reddit for this type of situation. Also Quora.

Another Example;

(Scenario #2)Egg Shen fights a more ethereal battle. His 6 Demon bag is for manifestations of malice we have not seen around here for Ages. These are the types of situations you get yourself into and now you need to find a way out. Things like upside down mortgages and credit card debt.

Remedy; Make a Plan of attack and stick to it. Knowing something might be half the battle, but well, it’s only half the battle. Organization, Proper Preparation, Patience, and Follow through. Again, ask others how to deal with your personal quagmire. Use one of the many Q&A forums in the PF sphere (like Mr.MoneyMustache Forums) to ask your question anonymously. These are usually not quick fixes, they take time to rectify. Stay the course you set out for yourself and progress will occur.

One More Category;

(Scenario #3)Private Daniel Jackson concerns are more straight forward. Mano-a-Mano. Other People and the things that they do are the real threat here. Smart, cunning, and unpredictable. We are the Most Dangerous Game.

Here is where we find our identity theft and financial scammers. This is not necessarily your fault, but it is still happening to you.

Remedy; Go on the Offensive. These probably only get worse with neglect or inaction. You need to find the proper channel and be assertive. Squeaky wheels get the Grease. Most customer service will respond well to articulate, concise problems laid out in a calm and cool manner. It is important to communicate that this problem needs to be taken care of while realizing that the person on the other end of the phone did not do this to you. Balance and Tenacity.

It is one thing to speak of these in the ‘what if’ cloud, how about a REAL WORLD EXAMPLE. This recent battle of mine with a Vacation Property Management Company incorporates a little bit of each of the above areas.






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  1. I love this post just because you referenced Big Trouble in Little China. Not many people will get that. Remember, as Jack Burton would say, it is all in the reflexes.

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