Why The LAW?

Law – Here at last I found the juxtaposition of my various strengths and interests.

Some combination of juvenile traits, stubbornness, machismo, vanity, had a legal education as third on my list behind the military and politics. Fate is a funny thing.

I have always had a head for unorthodox thinking and a deep seeded detest of hypocrisy. Add to this the well defined sense of fairness one gets after having a childhood stripped away and you get a perfect petri dish for a misanthropic lawyer to grow.

Now I know I have good traits, for one thing I am a fairly smart guy and I have to power to self analyze and at least try to self correct. But I also know I have flaws. The worst of which is a cruelty streak. I would like to apologize at this time to my little sister, 3 kids on my bus route, and countless lower order insects, birds and reptiles.

I have always hated this in myself and others. This had led to a strong ANTI-BULLY reaction in me and a life long commitment to confronting bullying wherever I find it.

I spent large swathes of my youth manifesting this conviction in physical confrontations. But this simply can not continue much into adulthood or the consequences become overwhelming.

So what about other forms of bullying. Lawyering is crawling with bullies. (bullies of the mind at least). The parameters of an adversarial system with plenty of room for interpretation is a virtual playground for a smart bully.

All my life I have been an outsider. An angry young man with a chip on his shoulder. Boy did it feel good to challenge people in suits and periodically out maneuver them at their own game.

Conan, What is best in life? “To see your enemies driven before you”

So far this is just the emotional, relatively cheap reason I became a lawyer. The other main reason is more honorable.

I am a big believer in THE WEST as an all encompassing entity. I think it is literally the light in an otherwise dark world. That being said, Hands down, the RULE OF LAW is perhaps the greatest single concept mankind has developed.

The King and the Pauper, all equal before the law is a basic tenant without which their is no justice or freedom in our lives.

The RULE OF LAW is a pinnacle of human achievement. The natural world is Darwinian, a place where Might Makes Right. To have asserted our reasoning and empathy over the natural way of things is what makes us civilized.

Lastly, I ended up in law school because I did not want to fail the math portion of the GRE exam to get into a decent political science grad School. But hey, my first two reasons sound way more like a plan in stead of just drifting down the river of post undergraduate ennui.

P.S. The meaning of the RUNE Tiwaz is ‘Justice Devoid of Persuasion.’ It is the Rune of the one-handed God Tyr, the god of law and justice. Also where our day of the week Tuesday comes from.

8 thoughts on “Why The LAW?

  1. Conan! Also to see the lamentation of the women. Great quote.

    Interesting how you found a career perfectly matched to your strengths. Nice work. I have never been the aggressive type and felt being a lawyer would not suit me, at least not a lawyer in court. Keep the fight up for all of us!

    • Some of the best lawyers are not good in court. My wife, for one, can make you cry with her brutal legal briefs, but hates being in open court. Now that I am on the other side of the bench, I like deciding more than arguing.

  2. Glad you found your calling! One of the great things about this country (and others like it) is that the Rule of Law ensures that everyone will be treated equally. While that may not be upheld as often as it should, it is still something we believe in and adhere to, which is key.

  3. Beautifully said and it made me smile. If it wasn’t for law and order we would be animals. Chaotic animals in a rowdy zoo. I mayyy have chosen my major after I saw how little math it required as a Bachelors of Sci haha…but your scholarly path is more glorious. I am pretty sure I don’t want to cook in a lab my entire life.

  4. Interesting narrative about how you became a lawyer. I appreciate your perspectives, especially the idea bringing fairness into the profession. All the best!

  5. I feel for your little sister but I hope she accepts your apology. I’m glad you found your calling and get to capitalize on your strengths and interests.

    You mean it’s not just an arrow? (Sorry, I hope I didn’t just lose my rights to comment here 🙂

  6. Great backstory. Always nice to see what events shaped people into what they eventually become. It seems like your vocation called out to you.

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